To comply with UK legislation, we apply an annual allowance for the exchange of travel cash. The amount you can exchange each year depends on whether you have a retail or corporate account for travel cash. To find out your personal allowance, just head to the account menu and select 'Your details'.

We are happy to consider applications to increase your personal allowance at any time. UK legislation requires us to gather additional information from you regarding the source of your funds and your planned use of the travel cash, as well as to conduct additional identity verification checks.

While the application form is brief and checks are conducted pretty quickly, we'd ask you to submit your application at least 5 working days ahead of needing the additional allowance if at all possible.

Please download the application form and email a saved/scanned copy to or your corporate account manager.

You can make multiple applications each year to increase your allowance, and depending on your circumstances we may be able to apply subsequent increases instantly.

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